EnviroWarrior Series

Book 1: WinklerWarriors

The Real Story: In 2009 Maya Acala and Meredith Caine led their class to help save the Winkler Botanical Preserve in Alexandria, Virginia. Winkler is a beloved park of the students of Alexandria City Public School for its environmental programs. It faced condemnation by eminent domain in 2009 to build an exit ramp. Maya and Meredith along with many of the public school students rallied together fight VDOT’s decision.

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Book 2: WatershedWarriors

In 2013 Ana Humphrey led her class to create the Watershed Warriors. Focused on reducing bacteria levels in their local watershed they partnered with the National Park Service to grow aquatic plants in their school yard to be transplanted into local wetlands. Ana’s dedication to continue this project has led to the Watershed Warrior Initiative. The programs now works with local elementary students. She now empowers a younger generation to grow and transplant aquatic plants that are steadily improving their local wetlands.

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