Follow Me…On a journey!

Hello World!

 I invite you on a journey to celebrate what young people can accomplish when you allow them to learn in the real world and solve real problems. The adventure restarts each school year as a new group of students enter my classroom. They don’t know it yet, but they will be thrust into the real world and charged with solving an issue based on their watershed.

Tasked with teaching state mandated learning standards, I have chosen a non-traditional path to engage my students. They learn these standards by applying their knowledge to solve real-world issues. I am not alone through this journey, I work with partners that support my students through this process. Earth Force provides the curriculum and funding to get my students moving. VDOE mandates the standards, and I use my past experiences to merge these frameworks together.

I encourage you to join me in this journey of discovery as we learn how to engage youth in become conscientious citizens. Citizens that will be responsible for solving issues that our generation and generations past have created. Follow me….on a journey!


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